about this blog

Mr. Spoke, in a photo from Bike to Work Day by Orange Photography (www.orangephotography.com).

spoon & spoke is a San Francisco-based blog centered around food and bicycles – two topics that bring a whole lot of joy to my own life and to so many others’.

The bicycling half of my story begins with one stressed out girl on a crappy rental bike (me), trying not to hyperventilate or cry noticeably on the road in Golden Gate Park every time a car came within 10 feet.  On those first few rides of mine (after my bum had taken a decade-long hiatus from meeting any bike saddle), Mr. Spoke (an expert cyclist – see photo to the right) patiently willed his eyeballs not to roll and provided much-needed moral support while I struggled my way through the park.

Fast forward a bit to March 2009, when Mr. Spoke gave me a much-needed nudge by buying me a bike helmet for my birthday, which inspired me to buy a bike off of craiglist.  What with riding that clunky ill-fitting thing to the park on many weekends, and after taking an SF Bike Coalition urban cycling workshop, I found myself realizing 1) that I really love watching the world go by on a bike; and 2) I was getting used to riding around with cars.  There is absolutely a feeling of childlike glee, a thrill, and a freedom that come with riding a bicycle.  And I love the feeling of community that bicyclists have – we smile at each other, we look out for each other, we chat at stoplights.

The most noticeable advances in my cycling all happened after I finally found the right bike for me.  It fits me perfectly, and I have so much fun on it, that I am now dodging traffic down Market Street, sans hyperventilation, to get to work on most weekdays.

So this little bicycle journey of mine, from tentative stressed out rider to joy-filled cyclist, inspired me to start this blog.  And I figured why not combine cycling with another great love of mine (and of Mr. Spoke’s) — food!  It seems at this juncture critical to note that the more bicycling you do, the more food you can eat with abandon (as I’m now finding, bicyling on a near daily basis and having all but abandoned a low-carb diet I had fleetingly entertained).  And really, what better way to spend a beautiful day than to hop on your bike and find some good food (or load some ingredients onto your bike to turn into a fantastic meal)?

Because of Mr. Spoke, my search for good food more often than not ends right in my own kitchen.  He is the true chef between us, an incredibly talented amateur cook who is comfortable making things up as he goes along, who finds cooking meditative rather than stressful.  I think I’m the opposite kind of cook – I’m someone who likes to measure everything out precisely, who gets flustered by the multitasking that is often necessary for cooking a meal.  So the most common kind of cooking I find myself doing is baking – I guess you could say I am comfortable measuring life out in coffee spoons.

So there you have it.  bike + food = joy.


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