Posted by: ham8cheese | December 3, 2009

modern day butter churning

Buttermilk for pancakes and butter for just about everything else!

Mr. Spoke and I decided to make some butter last night.  It is ridiculously easy with a Kitchenaid stand mixer — it takes about five minutes of activity, and all you need is the following:

  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream, the type that has NOT been ultra-pasteurized (this is crucial!)
  • a pinch of salt

We use Clover Organic Heavy Whipping Cream purchased from Golden Produce at Church and Market (or, alternatively, from that other yuppie haven, Falletti Foods on Oak and Broderick).

To make the butter, you should take the whipping cream out of the fridge a few hours before you plan to use it.  (You might even try leaving it out for 10 or 12 hours beforehand – we did that this go-around and the butter turned out quite nicely.)

Take the room-temperature heavy whipping cream and pour/scrape it into the mixer bowl.  Sprinkle some salt over it (this will help the butter keep longer).  Using the batter paddle, put the Kitchenaid mixer on 4 (a medium speed).  Run the mixer on 4 until you see that the cream has clumped up into yellowish curds — then turn the speed down to 2 (a low speed).  Fairly quickly, you’ll see that the buttermilk is separating out and you’ll have clumps of butter and some buttermilk flying around the bowl.

Here the cream has separated out into butter and buttermilk.

Here the cream has separated out into butter and buttermilk.

Next, drain the buttermilk off through a colander (and save the buttermilk for pancakes!).  Use a spatula to knead the remaining buttermilk out of the butter and continue pouring it off.

Knead the remaining buttermilk out of the butter and pour the buttermilk off.

Finally, “wash” the butter by running cold water over it and pouring the water off (continue working the butter a bit with the spatula while you do this).  This helps remove any last bits of buttermilk from the butter.  And that’s it!  Pack up your awesome homemade butter and stick it in the fridge, and get yourself ready for some homemade buttermilk pancakes…


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