Posted by: ham8cheese | December 2, 2009

delta cruisin’

Mr. Spoke’s new Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires arrived in the mail today (very exciting, for bike geeks anyway!).  He decided to walk on the wild side and order them in cream rather than your basic black, to go with the coffee-colored vintage Raleigh Super Course he picked up at the Bike Expo.  Mr. Spoke is having so much fun with his vintage Raleigh, it makes me want one too!   (Hmm…does it count as cheating on my Novara Pulse if I find myself looking at Raleigh Lady’s Sports on craigslist??)

Mr. Spoke picked out a basic flip-flop rear wheel from American Cyclery.

Here’s Mr. Spoke putting some Burt’s Bees baby powder around the inner tube to make sure it doesn’t stick to the casing of the tire or get pinched up.
Seating the bead . . .

Seating the bead...

All ready for some air!


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