Posted by: ham8cheese | November 26, 2009

thanksgiving: fly me to the ocean!

Braking for the RC boats at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park.

Thanksgiving: a gorgeous, sunny day in San Francisco – perfect for a pre-cooking bike ride!  I pulled on my brand new Sheila Moon bike shorts to test ’em out, and Mr. Spoke and I made a beeline for the ocean, via Golden Gate Park.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Parks Department had closed JFK Drive to cars today, and there were tons of cyclists out, including lots of helmet-wearing kids on trikes.  We made a quick stop at Spreckels Lake to watch the motorized boats, then rode by the Bison Paddock (where incredibly, the bison actually deigned to make an appearance!).  Then, onward to the ocean, where there were some huge breakers.

Watching the breakers roll in at Ocean Beach.

On the Great Highway, we spotted a really cute red and yellow bike that read “Depot Cycle&Recycle” on the downtube. Turns out what we saw was a pretty odd duck – and Depot Cycle & Recycle is a bike shop in Tokyo!  Guess that bike was a long way from home.

Shiny, happy bike, a long way from home.

As for the Sheila Moon bike shorts, which I wore under my britches, I’m glad to report that they were super comfy (FYI, she’s having a holiday party /warehouse sale on December 5-6 in Oakland – might be worth checking out!).


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