Posted by: ham8cheese | November 20, 2009

peter reinhart’s pizza dough put to the test!

Mr. Spoke and I had our pizza night tonight, with the help of some Cab Calloway on the stereo and the dough I had prepared earlier in the week from Peter Reinhart‘s recipe.  I was a bit skeptical about how the crust would turn out because the dough was the droopiest, most pliable dough I had worked with yet.  It would barely hold a shape, even.  I thought maybe it had too much water content, and that I should’ve added more flour. So I was worried it was going to be too thin in a holey sense.

Here's Mr. Spoke prepping the first pizza.

But we ploughed ahead even so.  Between sips of red wine, we added onto the rolled-out dough:

  • a pesto Mr. Spoke made fresh tonight
  • a bit of olive oil
  • mushrooms sauteed in sherry
  • prosciutto
  • sauteed onions
  • mozzarella
  • a bit of parmesan
  • kosher salt & pepper, and
  • a few slices of late-season homegrown tomato, from the one scraggly heirloom tomato plant we have on our roof.

We slid the pizza onto our Fibrament baking stone with the oven piping at 525 degrees and waited.

A couple minutes before we were going to take it out, Mr. Spoke opened the door and cracked an egg on top.

Turns out I needn’t have worried, as the crust came out perfectly thin and crispy, just how I like it!  The bacon-y goodness, along with the kosher salt, the pesto, and the olive oil in the crust, was just sooooo yummy.  Sigh.

A margherita with a crispy, thin crust.

We made another just like the first, and then a pesto margherita, and I’m proud to report that there ain’t a stitch left (sorry!).


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